Lottery Sambad: Results and Draws Today

11.55 AM Result

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04.00 PM Result

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08.00 PM Result

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04.00 PM BOTH Result

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West Bengal Lottery Result

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Lottery Sambad Today Result

Lottery Sambad is a very old and popular lottery in India. Daily Lots of People buy Sambad lottery Ticket to win a lottery prize and change their lifestyles. Lottery sambad result is draw daily on three different times. Because state lottery sambad has three lotteries in itself. For Download, the lottery sambad result. Just click the download button and access the result page of our website and download lottery sambad today result in two different formats, first format is PDF and the second format is DBF. Results are uploaded daily on their specific timings.

Sambad Lottery Types

There are three different types of Sambad lotteries and all three lotteries results are on air daily on different timings. Below are the list of those lotteries:

Mizoram State Lottery:

Mizoram state lottery is another type of lottery and this lottery’s on-air time is exact 11.55 AM. To Download Mizoram lottery result today, you just enter into our website, look for a download button, click on it and download Mizoram lottery result today in PDF or DBF formats.

Sikkim State Lottery:

Sikkim lottery result timing is 4.00 PM and results are upload on their exact timing. Therefore, Download Sikkim lottery result today by just click on download button and access our result page. You can download Sikkim lottery result online in two different formats PDF and DBF.

Nagaland State Lottery:

Nagaland state lottery result is upload on our website daily as 8.00 PM. Just Click on the download result button or link and download Nagaland lottery result online. You can also download Nagaland today result in PDF file online.

Lottery Sambad Today Timings

Every person, who was buy Sambad lottery ticket and want to check their GOOD LUCK can get three lottery draw results on three different timing in a Day. Below is the schedule of this lottery:

Lottery Sambad Mobile Application

Those who are interested to get result on their smart phone and those who are regular customer of lottery sambad. They can easily download lottery sambad mobile app in their mobile phones from www lottery sambad. Also, read lottery sambad newspaper.

How to Play Lotteries

Basically, playing the lottery is a very easy task and this is an art also. Only one thing you need and that is your GOOD LUCK. Simply pick a lottery number, whatever number you like and keep your finger crossed for the award. The chances of winning these type of lotteries are bigger because, you have three chances with three lotteries to win.

Which are very popular in India as you know ( I already mentioned above and those lotteries are drawn daily on different times like 11.55 AM, 4.00 PM, 8.00 PM. Therefore, daily you have three chances to win lotteries. In addition, you can also check Lottery Sambad Today 8pm result on this website. So, Think bigger, get bigger, and start playing now.

Prizes of Sambad Lotteries

The Lottery sambad ticket Prices and All Awards Prizes are Mentioned Below:

  • The Sambad Lotteries ticket prices are only 13 Indian Rupees.
  • The First Prize of Lottery sambad is a sum of almost 61 Lakhs Indian Rupees.
  • The Second Prize of lottery sambad result is almost 9,500 Indian Rupees.
  • The Third Prize of sambad lottery is approximately 9,000 Indian Rupees.
  • The Fourth Prize is almost 1,000 Indian Rupees.
  • The fifth State lottery sambad prize is 500 Indian Rupees.
  • Moreover, remaining other Sambad lotteries result prizes are 250 Indian Rupees.

About Lottery Sambad

There are many people around the world especially in India check their luck by playing different kinds of lotteries. People use their mobile phone, laptops and computers to check Lottery sambad result.

As you know lotteries are very famous in India states such as Mizoram state lottery, Kerala state lottery, Nagaland state lottery, Sikkim state lottery, lottery sambad and much more.

Government of India introduced Sambad lotteries and other lotteries as well to fulfill their people needs and promotes the economical stage of their country, also remove economic crises and making their country people rich.

There are many people, buy Sambad lotteries tickets throughout the India daily and also buy other lottery tickets. This is a very big opportunity for those who are with good LUCK.