How long does it take for Birth Control to Work – Guide

Birth can control with different ways but most women use birth control pills to control birth because it is effective to control birth. Basically, birth control pills are used to prevent birth. Birth control pills have two hormones such as progestin or Pro-JESS-Tin and another one is Estrogen or ESS-tre-Jen. Taking these pills regularly stop your ovaries to produce an egg every month. If no egg is released, there is nothing to be fertilized by sperm. In this article we will discuss, about birth control pills, its side effects and how long does it take for birth control to work?

How Effecting the Birth Control Pills to Prevent Pregnancy

With the use of birth pills, about 9 women out of 100 who take birth control pills become pregnant in one year, so this means it is almost 92 percent effective to prevent pregnancy. If you take the pregnancy control pills with proper guidance and correctly, less than 1 woman out of 100 become pregnant in one year.

How Do I Take Birth Control Pills Correctly

Your doctor or health advisor suggests you One of the following methods to taking the birth control pills:

  • Start with the birth control pills on the first day of your menstrual period. Also, use a backup such as condoms until you start the pills. The pills work correctly if you start on the day of your period.
  • Start your 1st pack of birth control pills on Sunday. With this, you will need to use the backup in these seven days of pills duration such as condoms with spermicide.
  • Start your birth control pills today (Seven days package of pills). Pregnancy control pills start to protect you from pregnancy after the 1st If you use or take them correctly or with proper guidance.

Possible Side Effects of Pregnancy Control Pills

Minor and less serious side effects will go in three months. Minor side effects are headache, nausea, water weight gain, mood changes, breast tenderness, bloating, depression, missed periods, bleeding between periods. Do not stop taking pills if you these side effects these are going within three months.

Serious side effects are less common. Call your doctor if you face serious side effects. Serious side effects are severe headache, loss or change in vision, severe chest pain, coughing up blood, fainting, and severe leg, difficulty breathing, pain in thighs, high blood pressure and numbness in any body part.

How Birth Control Pills start working or Prevent Pregnancy

This depends on the day when you started pregnancy control pills. How long does it take for birth control to work is a common question the answer is approximately seven days. If you start taking pregnancy control pills on day five then it starts work or it is effective in 12 to 14 days of time. If you have seven pills package then it is effective in seven days of regularly taking of the pills.

Updated: August 4, 2019 — 6:05 pm