How to get abs in a Week – Amazing Tips and Exercises

Every person wants to be smart and fit and lose their body weight and fat. The ability to get abs depends on your body, its development stages, body structure, and your strength. Building abs are tricky if your work with proper planning and diet then you will definitely get abs with a fast and natural way.

Make a plan, exercise daily with fat-free and proper diet. The combination of diet and exercise are very useful and helpful for those who get abs fast. Weight and fat loss is primarily a struggle with nutritious and keeping your diet fat free and clean at the same time. How to get abs in a week is a common question that every person asked so, in this article we will discuss the exercises which are useful for getting 6 pack abs, proper diet and also some helpful tips.

get abs in a week

Control Body Fats

Before any of your body muscle start ripping, you should lose fat. Body fats are a very necessary and critical factor. Shaping your body is quite easy if you control your fat. The efficient fat is approx 2 to 4 percent for men and for women 10 to 12 percent.  And if you are going for the fitness program then your body fat should be 22 to 24 percent in men and 15 to 17 percent in women. Men and women who have fat 26 percent plus and 32 percent-plus are considered obese.

Now, it is the right time to measure your body fats. You can do this with body fat scale monitors and calipers, but the best way is to measure your fats is just look yourself in the mirror, taking photos, etc.

Healthy and Proper Diet for Abs

Abs are possible for anyone at any age. Next 7 days you will do hard work and follow the instructions which we mentioned in this article. Do you think if you work harder in the gym you get 6 pack abs? The answer is no because the diet also matters to achieve your goal.

  • Eat high protein meals and consume a protein-rich breakfast, with this you can’t feel hungry fast. Eat lean meats, beans, egg whites, seafood, seeds, nuts, and also consume low-fat dairy products.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water, drink almost 2 liters daily. Water can boost your metabolism and increase your ability to workout.
  • Includes intake of carbohydrates in your diet plan. Consume grains such as oats because oats are rich in fiber. Take the efficient amount of fibers, because fibers help in proper digestion and good for overall health.
  • Stops eating high-fat foods like pizza, pasta, fries, cheese also avoid soda drinks, sugar, etc. Eat brown rice, oats, whole grain bread, snacks, almonds, etc.
  • Take good fats. Good and proper fats can actually help your body system and also retain your insulin level. Good source of fats is Avocados, olive oils, fish oils, etc.

How to get abs in a week with Exercises

You don’t even need any dumbbells, barbells, machines or any equipment. You have just a plan of performing reps and a yoga mat. Perform basic crunches, heel touches, and high knees in start with 3 to 4 sets and 6 to 8 reps and rest almost 90 seconds and after 2 days perform fingers to toes, scissor legs, front plank, side to side, mountain climbers, cross-body crunch exercises, perform 4 to 5 sets of each exercise with 8 to 10 reps and rest 90 seconds. Your dream how to get abs in a week became true with the above exercises and tips.

Updated: October 12, 2020 — 9:32 am