Oral Herpes – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Oral Herpes is an infection which is very common and caused by the virus called Herpes Simplex. The infection causes irritated and painful sores on Lips, gums, inside the mouth, the roof of the mouth, inside cheeks, gums, etc. These sores are commonly called fever blisters. Mouth sores mostly occur at the age of 1 or 2-year Children and also can affect at any age of people and anytime. This is a viral infection and causes by 2 types of Virus one is called HSV-1 and second is HSV-2. Other names of sore colds which are caused by HSV-1 virus: Oral Herpes, Herpes on Tongue, and Mouth Herpes.

Oral Herpes

Symptoms of Oral Herpes

There are many symptoms of Oral Herpes. But these are the warning and serious symptoms of Oral Herpes. Symptoms may mild or serious. They mostly appear within the time of 1 to 3 weeks after you infected by the virus.

  • Itching and irritation of the lips or inside the mouth
  • Burning around the lips or mouth.
  • Tingling inside the mouth or lips.
  • A sore throat and Fever.
  • Pain when swallowing.
  • Rash on Gums, Lips, Mouth, Throat.
  • Red blisters with yellow fluid.
  • Several small blisters inside the mouth.
  • Blisters that can break, leak and open.

Causes of Oral Herpes

Herpes or Cold sores are caused by Herpes simplex virus. This is a DNA virus. There are two types of virus one is HSV-1 which is cause 70 to 80% cases of infections of oral herpes and the type 2 called HSV-2 which the 20 to 30% of infection or causes the rest. Other natural causes of herpes are due to Fever, high stress, hormonal changes, and the high or extreme level of temperature, emotional disturbance, tiredness, high fever, menstruation, dental infection or treatment and infection of the upper respiratory system.

Treatment of Oral Herpes with Topical Creams

Topical creams like “Zovirax” and “Denavir” are available in medical stores. These ointments are used to treat oral herpes but these creams are don’t work so good, also they are expensive and mostly for frequent use or daily application. Here, there is a new topical medicine for Sore cold or oral herpes is known as Savage. This medicine is different. It comes in a pill or tablet and infected person place on the gum and this medicine delivers a high dose of “acyclovir” to the lip directly. These antiviral creams and ointments and the over the counter medicines are the family of Abreva.

Treatment of Herpes with Pills:

Treatment with pills is a very good choice for oral herpes. As Antiviral pills are very good for the treatment oral herpes they are also available in very reasonable and also work very well. Antiviral therapy with Valacyclovir, Famciclovir, and Acyclovir is most recommended pills for oral herpes to healing the wounds and sores of herpes or which are occur by the herpes virus. Doses of these medicines are listed below:

  • Famciclovir (750 mg twice a day for 1 day or 1500mg once a day as a single dose)
  • Valacyclovir ( 2 grams twice a day for 1 day)
  • Acyclovir ( 200 to 500 mg five times a day for 5 days)
Updated: August 4, 2019 — 6:05 pm