Sikkim State Lottery Result (DOWNLOAD)

Sikkim State Lottery Result

Sikkim State lottery result and daily updates are update here along with its PDF file full chart. This is a weekly draw lottery system and its event base draws are also available on our website.

Sikkim Dear Weekly 8pm Result

08.00 PM

Sikkim Lottery Result Scenario

Sikkim State Lottery dear result is also a weekly draw and every Thursday its results will upload. It is also called Derby Meet Thursday lottery and in some areas of Sikkim state, it is well known as Sikkim Derby Weekly 8pm lotto.

But all the names are of Sikkim lottery. People invest in Indian lotteries and earn like a PRO, so why not you. Invest few Rupees to purchase lotto ticket and check Sikkim lottery online result on our blog. We hope that you will win.

Types of Sikkim Lottery

  • Derby Meet Thursday
  • Sikkim Maha Shivratri Bumper
  • Sikkim Super Deluxe
  • Sikkim Super Prince
  • Derby Game Wednesday
  • Derby Race Tuesday
  • Derby Match Monday
  • Mumbailaxmi Rani
  • Mumbailaxmi Suraj
  • Sikkim New Year Bumper
  • Sikkim Super Weekly
  • Sikkim Super Weekly Deluxe
  • Derby Spirit Sunday
  • Derby Sport Saturday
  • Kanchenjunga Venus Evening
  • Derby Fiesta Friday

Sikkim State Lotteries Result Timings 

Keep in mind, Sikkim state Lottery result today 8pm and Sikkim state Lottery 4pm both draw on weekly bases. Therefore check the Sikkim lottery Results live once per week. Many users of this lottery know it as a name of Sikkim lottery Sambad or Sikkim state lottery Sambad, which are also the correct names.

So, if you look for Sikkim lottery result as well as its old result then visit our website daily. Also check the other Popular lotteries results such as the Most popular Lottery Sambad result, Nagaland lottery results, Mizoram State lottery result and also West Bengal lottery result only on our this blog.

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